What is it like?

Regardless of why you are seeking therapy, a strong therapeutic relationship where your experience and values are respected is at the heart of a successful experience.

In our first few sessions, we’ll talk about your reasons for coming into therapy and clarify your goals. I’ll ask you questions about your history so that I can understand some of the influences in your life. In therapy, you have the freedom to share your dreams, desires and fears and get feedback and support from someone with professional training and experience.

I see my role as helping you to develop insight about yourself and teaching skills so that you can make changes that work for you, your values and your priorities.

Through our work together, you will be supported to address your concerns and bring more meaning and fulfillment into your life. Depending on your situation, I may draw from various modalities to engage you.

If for some reason, it appears that you would benefit from a different therapist or something other than psychotherapy, I will provide you with a referral.

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